These are some of the work done for restaurants

THE BARISH by Nancy Silverton, Los Angeles (California)

152 plates decorated with engobs. Each plate is different and unique. The motifs represented are inspired by the ingredients of their menu. They will be used as charger plates at this new restaurant from Nancy Silverton that will open its doors to the public in early 2020.

Cow and bufala collection

Sheep and goat collection

Pig and boar collection

Sea collection


Veggies and mushroom collection

Deer collection

Bird collection

Hare and rabbit collection


SOLOCICCIA by Dario Cecchini, Panzano in Chianti (Toscana)

A mural made with ceramics is located at the entrance of this restaurant at Panzano in Chianti. The walls from the Red Room are decorated with plates with lots of cows that appear from its edges. The pieces of the mural and plates are made with slabs of clay and decorated with engobs.

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